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1930, the exclusive speakeasy of Milan

News > Food | 1930, the exclusive speakeasy of Milan

America, 1930. It’s the Prohibition era and all excesses are banned, particularly the making, sale and importation of alcohol. Does this mean that in the ‘30s Americans were sober all the time? Nope. It means that they did their best to find alternative places where to share a drink and to toast.

And they did it behind closed doors, in places hidden behind barbers’ shops, that few knew and where people had to speak whispering. Places known as “speakeasy”.
Almost ninety years later, in Milan, a pub called Speakeasy 1930 has found its natural place to born and to let its lucky visitors experience the atmosphere of those long gone times.
We already recommended 7 places where to have a cocktail in Milan, now it’s time to discover a hidden spot!

How speakeasy was born in Milan

Speakeasy 1930 cocktail bar

Credits photo:

Marco, born in 1985, began working in bars when he was only 17. He used to wash glasses in a bar located in a village not far from his home, Trezzano Rosa. He soon understood that he wanted to be behind the counter and started to move from one bar to the other in search for the right one where to express his potential. He met Flavio in the Fashion Café.

Flavio acted as his teacher and showed him the rules of bartending as well as the best ways to manage a place. Together, they decided to take over the Mag’s management and to transform it into the number one pub of Milan.

Mag’s success was not enough. The duo wanted something that could truly make a difference, something able to pamper their friends. Thus, they decided to open a secret bar, where their guests could feel privileged and special.

How to get to 1930 cocktail bar

Exclusive cocktails in Milan

Credits photo:

In a street next to Piazza Cinque Giornate, there is a shop that stays open at night, with a guy wearing a tie and a bear standing right next to it. Nobody notices it and that’s the way it should be.

In order to find the Speakeasy 1930, you don’t need to look for it in the most exclusive guide of Milan. And you’ll find useless also asking around for information. What you have to do is to go to Mag and to lean over one of the two owners, trying to conquer their attention and their trust.

Does it seem too big a commitment for yet another pub? Too bad that 1930 is not “yet another pub”. It’s not even a pub. It is a truly unique place, where you’ll dress the roles of Irish gangsters or melancholic actresses. And you’ll be damn good at them. Why? Simply because the atmosphere and the cocktails served will allow you to fit in your character.

1930, the exclusive speakeasy of Milan

Credits photo:

Upon entering, you will see a long wooden counter, where the alcohol rests in elegant bottles. You can sit on a stool, or sink into the leather armchairs and admire the chandeliers above you. Everything is studied in its tiniest details: from the bartenders’ clothes to the vintage pieces of furniture.

As far as cocktails are concerned, the Grand Marnier is the absolute protagonist. For those who don’t know what it is, you’d better start reading and taking notes. Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle created the liquor in 1880, combining orange flavour with a selected cognac aged in oak barrels. The result is an unmistakeable flavour.

Drink in Milan

Credits photo:

Some people drink it on the rocks, others use it to flavour the recipes, like the garnishing of the crêpes. And there are those, like Flavio and Marco, who use it to create unforgettable cocktails, both elegant and clean.

Because, as Marco said, it’s better to drink well than to drink a lot.

1930 Cocktail Bar is on Facebook:

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