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    Bespoke tailors in Milan where to buy tailor-made suits

    News > Fashion | Bespoke tailors in Milan where to buy tailor-made suits

    Cinderella had a fairy godmother. She wanted a “prom” dress the perfect dress appeared in front of her, the one she dreamed about for her entire, sad, childhood. And, she didn’t even need a hem.
    Cinderella’s plump and bright fairy godmother, unfortunately, is difficult to find. But, they streets of Milan shelter some valid substitutes. Hidden behind the sewing machines, with dresses full of pins, the tailors of Milan open their shops for those who want something more than a branded dress: they want a unique, personal bespoke item.
    Find out the best tailors of Milan.

    Four generations of tailors made Caraceni unique

    Caraceni tailor

    Via Fatebenefratelli, near the metro stop of Lanza, treasures a tailor shop that has been sewing the clothes of the Italian politicians and that has become famous all around the world. It’s called Sartoria Caraceni and it was founded in 1967 by Ferdinando Caraceni.

    At the age of 16, Ferdinando had already learned all the secrets of the tailoring world, as he proudly said.
    After a life spent working alongside Augusto Caraceni, as a tailor and cutter, he decided to open his own tailor shop. However, Fernando didn’t want to be only a manager: he followed the entire production stages of his atelier, from the cutting to the sewing. His greatest innovation was not in the dress cut, or at least not only: his teaching method created a crew of reliable, talented tailors that learned and invented with him.

    Moreover, he handed down a family secret concerning the cut phase: since his death, occurred in 2004, this secret has been transcribed into a book and treasured, for obvious reasons, by the family.

    The Sartoria Caraceni doesn’t realize more than 400 items per year: to own one of their clothes means to own something truly unique and 100% handmade.

    A noble tailor: N.H. Sartoria

    NH Sartoria Milan

    In the center of Milan, near Piazza San Babila, there is an elegant showroom where mannequins suited up and beautiful English and Italian fabrics live together. And where the N.H. stands for Nobil Homo, two letters that, as stated on the website, “ express a style that gives uniqueness to the handmade tradition”

    Count Federico Ceschi in Santa Croce and Domenico Bombino, who in the 70s was considered the “Tailor of Brera” and Caraceni’s only real competitor, opened together the elegant showroom. For them, tailoring is a serious matter, a luxury forgotten: it means taking time to observe the details and liger over the trifles. Those trifles that make an outfit unique and celebrate the handmade tradition and the true nobility.
    The jackets are especially famous because they have few cuts and they fall naturally on the person who wears them.

    Where to find bespoke clothes if not at the Bespoke shop?

    Bespoke tailor in Milan

    Going to Bespoke means stopping at red stop of Lima, escaping from the chaos of Buenos Aires, and takin the quiet Via Plinio. It means be welcomed in a friendly and warm environment, where the client is the protagonist: it’s him who decides everything, from the cut to the packaging, followed and cuddled by Bespoke tailors.

    Bespoke offers three types of products, able to satisfy even the most picky clients: the semisartoriale – for those who want a dress with reduced costs -, the sartoriale – for all the 100% handmade lovers of the “handmade” and the Bespoke – the true essence of tailored clothes, made with the finest fabrics.

    Bespoke does not only rely on its network of artisans, but also on young designers, able to create unique and trendy outfits. From pajamas to corsetry, from evening dresses to working clothes, Bespoke will listen to your needs and help you finding the right pattern, fabric and cut for you!

    Other places not to be missed

    Between a shopping center and high-end boutiques, the streets of Milan still hide other tailors shops.

    • If you are looking for a particular shirt, go to Via Lecco, where Classe ’82 will be packing your custom shirt from 250 shades of different tissues only from Italian companies.
    Neglia, near Piazzale Piola, exists since 1942 and has been handed down since then the secrets on how to pack a perfect dress.
    • If you want something special, go to Corso Papiniano, where, at number 22, there is a tailor who prepares very original costumes and disguises!

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