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Breathtaking view in Milan joining Jeep Balloon Experience

News > Eventi | Breathtaking view in Milan joining Jeep Balloon Experience

Traffic jam, people in a hurry, trams cutting the road, watch out it’s red! It would be nice, for a moment, to fly over this chaos and watch Milan’s panorama.
What if we told you that you can do such a thing?
And that you won’t need anything Da Vinci-like, but simply a metro ticket to Porta Nuova?
Yes, believe it or not: discover the Jeep Balloon Experience!

On the weekend you can fly in a balloon

Jeep Balloon Experience in Milan

A tip for everyone. Or rather, for those who do not suffer from vertigo: from the 8th August to the 24th of October, from 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm, head to Porta Nuova.

To be 100% accurate, go the entrance of the cultivated field, the one next to the ramp between Via de Castillia and Gae Aulenti Square.
From here, in fact, some colourful balloons will fly all over Milan, leaving you speechless and with a lot of pictures to show to your envious friends.

The initiative is called Jeep Ballon Experience, it was inaugurated during Expo 2015 and it is part of the project MiColtivo. Born with the aim of recreating the agricultural context in the heart of the city, the project opens to the sharing of key community issues, such as social growth and environmental protection. MiColtivo is part of a wider program of initiatives promoted by the Foundation Riccardo Catella, which works to enhance public spaces and life in the urban context.

The balloons will be waiting behind the fence of Porta Nuova: each has a capacity of 4 people for each turn, in addition to the pilot, of course: don’t be scared, you will not be abandoned to your fate!
We imagine your reaction while reading all this: ok, nice, but … how much does it cost?

Grab yourself, Jeep Balloon Experience it’s free!

Milan skyline from a balloon

You will be 20 meters above the hustle and fly over both the new areas of the city and the most touristic ones, such as Piazza Duomo.

And, upon landing, you can take a ride in the agricultural field that hosted the work of environmental artist Agnes Denes and that will soon house The Library of the Trees park.

The only flaw? You will fly away from traffic, people in a hurry and trams … but you’ll get close to the pigeons!
Check the official website of Jeep brand for further info:

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