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    Art & History

    Discovering the new Darsena, the Milan’s harbor

    News > Art & History | Discovering the new Darsena, the Milan’s harbor

    A place that Milan had forgotten came back to be a place frequented by citizens and tourists: this is due to the redevelopment of the Darsena, inaugurated by Mayor Pisapia at the end of April.

    The city regains a new open space, where you can see Milan reflecting in its waters.

    Darsena Milano

    After years of discussions and projects, finally the new Darsena is born and helps to create a romantic landscape worthy of other European cities crossed by rivers.

    The intervention consisted in the renovation of the banks of the harbor, with new spaces for strolling and new waterfront for tourist boat trip, and the redevelopment of Piazza XXIV Maggio, which was almost completely pedestrianized.
    On both sides of the dock were planted new tree-lined walks, while on the western edge of the basin is designed a garden that stretches down to the water’s edge.

    Darsena Milano

    The Expo gave acceleration to the works, so now Milanese and tourists have an additional stopover to include in an ideal itinerary through the city.

    This summer, in particular, the Darsena will be “the sea” of Milan. Thousands of people have already been here to get the first tan of the year, while ducks swimming in the river.

    Darsena Milano

    The first events at Darsena started with the Salone NavigaMI, a boat and yacht exhibition.

    On 24th June, along the banks took place the event called “The Night of the Lanterns”, organized by Urbanzen, Bpeace and Ubi (Italian Buddhist Union), a meeting that drew thousands of people, probably well above the expectations of organizers.

    “A thousand and one thoughts on peace and the future in the city of Milan it will be written on the lanterns lit that will be released in the Milan’s harbor: the Darsena.
    A symbolic start towards the future entrusting a message of peace to the waters of the city as a hope for a more conscious and sustainable future”
    said one of the organizers about this festival that was born in China.

    Darsena Milano

    Darsena Milano

    Darsena Milano

    During your stay in Milan don’t miss the new Darsena; we are sure you will be impressed by this symbolic venue.


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