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Exploring Impronte d’Autore, the scrapbooking store in Milan

News > Design | Exploring Impronte d’Autore, the scrapbooking store in Milan

The Porta Ticinese district is one of the most popular areas of Milan. The bars and clubs in this district are very crowded, often on Fridays or Saturdays, near the columns of San Lorenzo, you’ll see a very lively area. Porta Ticinese is also renowned for being one of the main Milan shopping venues. There are many boutiques in Porta Ticinese, a very ancient and picturesque district and a walk through the Columns of San Lorenzo up to the Navigli’s Darsena, is one of the most beautiful walks you can do in Milan.

Not far from the central Piazza Vetra, you will find Impronte d’Autore, one of the most special shops in this district.

Exploring Impronte d’Autore, the scrapbooking store in Milan


The best scrapbooking store in Milan

Impronte d’Autore could be considered a stationery store, but not a common stationery store. For over twenty years the shop specializes in the sale of material for cards, wedding invitations and accessories. Practically you can find everything to make scrapbooking. But what exactly is scrapbooking? It’s a way to preserve a memory in the form of photographs contained in decorated albums manually.

If you decide to print any of the hundreds of photographs that you probably have on your computer desktop, a scrapbooking is an original method that will transform your digital memories into a work by yourself. Born and spread rapidly in America, with the scrapbooking each album page will be decorated and personalized. Quotes, beads, dried flowers, and so on. Impronte d’Autore is a landmark for scrapbooking in Italy. Among the first distributors in Italy for the articles of this hobby, here you can find all for stamping. Here is a list of objects in this extraordinary kaleidoscope of DIY:

scrapbooking in Italy


stamps roller and rubber to decorate large surfaces and of any fabric material, plastic or glass timber. A huge range of paper with infinite shades, colors, shades, watermarks, paper weights and sizes; among the many brands available, there are also the high quality Cordenons cards, available in many sizes and colors.

You can also find the types of Indian cards made of cotton or natural plant cards with fragments from essences; paintbrushes pencils, crayons with different solutions of designs and a variety of markers and tempera for the color.



They also sell envelopes, ribbons, wax seals, cutting tools and accessories such as sponges and palettes to customize your scrapbooking. If you’re intrigued by everything but feel you do not have the skills, don’t worry: Impronte d’Autore organizes courses even one day or simple demonstrations to teach and deepen the decorative techniques and the creation of artifacts.

The courses and demonstrations can be done in groups and single-issue, each dedicated to individual objects; to tickets, to scrapbooking and photo albums, wedding cards and invitations.

dove trovare un negozio di scrapbooking a Milano

Impronte d’Autore

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