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Identità Golose: the haute cuisine is on stage in Milan

News > Food | Identità Golose: the haute cuisine is on stage in Milan

Turn on the TV, surf the Internet, browse a newspaper.
The result is often similar: photos of elegant dishes, sophisticated recipes, starred chefs.
Recently, food has gone hand in hand with fashion as a new way of understanding lifestyle and trends.
Now, it’s not enough to know the different types of pasta: you have to choose the right colours and flavours, and to prepare a dish as only a chef would do.
Milan is a city that knows how to keep track of new trends: this is why it has organized Identità Golose, the congress of the haute cuisine presenting both national and international dishes.

Identità Golose: the idea behind the dish

Identità Golose haute cuisine in Milan

It is Identità Golose twelfth edition. Its aim is to reflect about food themes, exploring new horizons, ingredients and cooking methods.

On March 6, 100 chefs from around the world will arrive in Milan. Among the many, some names stand out, like the ones of Matthew Kenney, founder of the most important raw food cooking school, Margarita Forés, awarded the best female chef for Asia’s 50 Best restaurants, Enrico Crippa, Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco.

The congress will be held in via Gattamelata 5, where the Mi-Co, Milano Congressi, stands. There are four in-depth themes: Coffee Identity, Cheese Identity, Panettone Identity and Champagne Identity, as well as a space dedicated to wine and chaired by Merano WineAward.

This edition has a fil rouge that ties together all the events and that has been labelled as “The power of freedom.”
Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose, commented this choice: “we want to awake in the public the desire for knowledge and curiosity that animated every visitor going to Expo2015”.

Creativity and conviviality are supposed to be the focus of every event. The kitchen is seen as a form of culture and freedom of expression and trade: despite the period of crisis facing the planet, these values ​​should not be lost. Indeed, they should contribute to increase the contamination and the meeting of different cultures.

Cooking shows, speeches and presentations: Identità Golose does not stop there. In fact, this year it will present a new initiative, the Identità Golose School, where the basics of the haute cuisine will be taught.

The space is open to the public from 11.00 to 19.00, with six events for a total of 18 meetings. Hurry: the first 100 guests will be able to taste the dish presented during the event.

Identità golose 3

The Identità Golose schedule

Gourmet event in Milan

Have a look at the Identità Golose schedule, here presented day by day.
If you are passionate about cooking and you happen to be in Milan from March 6 to 8, do not miss this appointment.

Sunday, March 6
Auditorium: the protagonists of national and international cuisine show how to cook freely and beyond established patterns.
Blue Room 1: Ice cream Identity is staged in the morning and Cheese Identity will take place in the afternoon.
Blue Room 2: Natural Identity and its news
Yellow Room: how to match bubbles and dishes presented by the chefs of Champagne Identity

Monday, March 7
Auditorium: another meeting with the exploration of the theme The Power of Freedom
Blue Room 1: chefs and pastry chefs will meet and show what for them Coffee Identity means
Blue Room 2: a tribute to carbs with the new appointment of Bread, Panettone and Pizza Identity
Yellow Room: your second date with Champagne Identity

Tuesday, March 8
Auditorium: Peruvian cuisine is served
Blue Room 1: the real Made in Italy: an event that is aimed at speaking about pasta
Blue Room 2: Sea food Identity
Yellow Room: the last appointment with Champagne Identity

Showcooking a Milano

Costs vary depending on room: they start from 50€ for half a day in the blue room and reach 300€ for three days in the auditorium.

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