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Individuals, handmade bikini and underwear boutique

News > Fashion | Individuals, handmade bikini and underwear boutique

“There was a crazy cell. An idea that, all tiny and alone, has taken more and more place in my brain. Until it has grown. Bigger and bigger, every day. And then, nine years ago, it made me drop everything and open Individuals “.

This is Carlo Galli, the founder of the brand Individuals, speaking. We met him in his store in Via Vigevano, a few steps from the Naviglio Grande, and he told us his story.


From ballet to lingerie, the story of Carlo and Individuals

Carlo is leaning against the door of Individuals: tall and slender, he smiles and tells us to enter.

“Welcome! I have to fix a few things, you can have a look around!”


When Carlo disappears behind a stack of receipts, we follow his advice and start snooping around. Individuals has two rooms, one with the swimsuits and the other with the underwear.
The items are arranged following a size order and, when Carlo appears from behind the receipt stack, he finds up with our arms turned into hangers with bikinis, swimsuits and shorts.


Each item is conceived, designed and sewn by Carlo. And they’re all amazing. Amazing in the “I-want-and-I-willl-buy-you-all” way.
After studying at a school of prints on clothes, he worked for a firm, tailoring bathing suits and ties. Until that day when the cell went crazy: with a career already started, he dropped everything to revolutionize the world of women underwear in his own way.


He understood that fashion lacked individual personality, so he created Individuals: “My creations range from black to tropical, and their aim is to satisfy every individual’s taste.” It is not just the fantasies to be sought after and original. Carlo has studied ballet and this has allowed him to understand that human bodies are not like dummies: “We only buy clothes that have a front and a back. However, dance teaches you that, yes, there is a front and a back, but it’s not all limited to that: there is also a right and a left, a muscle raising and another withdrawing”.

His creations are based on this principle, they are studied in the tiniest details and, for this, they perfectly fit people’s anatomical shapes.


We keep on having our arms-hangers full of bras – strictly without underwire – high waist bikinis, ‘70s panties and a one-piece swimsuit with a sweetheart neckline.

We see, then, a pair of silk culottes: with dots, squares and red and orange stripes, they are the perfect purchase for anyone not willing wants to spend much. Unless you are like us and, not being able to choose, take about ten of them because, you know,” they cost only 20 Euros! And it’s silk! I MUST have them all!”

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