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Milan shopping experience: visit Arform interior design shop

News > Design | Milan shopping experience: visit Arform interior design shop

Imagine post World War II. Italy, and Milan with it, was slowly raising and beginning to see the first glimmers of a future that, for a long time, seemed not to exist.

There were many sacrifices to do and the money had not to be spent on trivial objects: in fact people were looking for functional stuff, while putting aside the word “beautiful”. Rowing against this collective and utilitarian vision, Anna and Paolo Tilche decided to bring a wave of entrepreneurial optimism in Milan.

This is why, in 1955, the couple founded Arform in Via Turati, one of the first furniture stores of the city. As a matter of fact, houses had to be built again, but also furnished and decorated.

And Arform was built precisely with this goal: enrich houses, without following trends but collecting items following Tilche’s taste.

Soon, Arform saw the arrival of the best-known designers’ creations, thus becoming the reference point of Milanese design. Today, it has moved to Via Moscova but nothing has changed: it keeps its unique style and the coming and going of curious and industry experts.

Arform, the first store of interior furnishing in Milan


Arform stands in a secluded, peaceful area of ​​Milan. Not far from the chaotic Garibaldi railway station, Arform takes over a sidewalk next to Via Solferino with its large windows that reveal the design objects kept inside.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by the bright, neat space. On the wooden shelves and the tables, you will find a multitude of objects, one more distinctive than the other.

Even at the entrance, there are several umbrellas for sale, some with the handle shaped like an animals, others characterized by original colors, to make rainy days a little more bearable. Beyond the umbrellas, you’ll find everything you need to make your home a cozy and precious nest: dishes and cutlery with matching colors, eccentric pots, technology wonders, bizarre chairs and eclectic ornaments.

There is everything. But, this “everything” follows Luca Tilche’s dictate, the son of the founders who today chooses the products one by one. The choice of the objects that will enrich Arform collection is not based on fashions or temporary trends, but on Luca’s taste.


A taste that he has inherited from his parents and that manages to find out only the best of Italian and international design.

Many objects are imported from Nordic companies, such as Norma Scandinavia, Eva Denmark. Others come from Italy, Japan and the rest of the world.

If you love design, then, this is the place for you: you’ll get lost among the furniture in less than no time, and you’ll pack a clock, a set of knives or an ornament and take them home with you.

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