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    Pasta B Jing Hua restaurant: Singapore flavors in Milan

    News > Food | Pasta B Jing Hua restaurant: Singapore flavors in Milan

    Being cosmopolitan is one of the indistinguishable characteristics of a big city; different cultures bring their charm in to their new country. Milan Eastern communities have transformed the city into a multicultural metropolis and picturesque.

    In the central Via Hoepli, famous for its Planetarium, there is the first Singaporean restaurant in Milan: the Pasta B Jing Hua owned by the Han family. In the eighties the Han family, Pasta B Jing Hua’s owner, opened a restaurant in Singapore specializing in steamed dumplings. Soon the business was a huge success. Quality ingredients contributed to the success of the activity, which, after more than twenty years and with the takeover of another Han generation, the business began to spread abroad. Thus it was born Pasta B Jing Hua.

    Pasta B Jing Hua restaurant Singapore flavors in Milan


    Noodles, soups and other delicacies

    The Singaporean cuisine is a mix of Japanese recipes, Malaysian and Chinese. It’s very difficult to distinguish the nuances and flavors, especially if you do not know well enough the Oriental cuisine. That’s why the cuisine of Singapore is worth to try and Pasta B Jing Hua is the only chance you have in Milan.

    Fusion cuisine at Pasta B in Milan


    Ravioli, noodles and soups are the restaurant’s specialties. The noodles, exclusively handmade, are traditionally a specialty of Eastern Oriental cuisine. Here you can try them in soup or sautéed with vegetables, with chicken or pork. Among the soups instead you can taste both the vegetarians and spices; the specialty is considered a vegetarian with the scrambled egg.

    But, as usual from a restaurant of the Han family, the Pasta B Jing Hua’s raviolis are the dish that make different from the other oriental restaurants in the city. Grilled, steamed and boiled, totally handmade, the variety of ravioli entirely of Pasta B Jing Hua it is truly amazing.

    Soup with Pollack egg


    Stuffed with meat pork, shrimp, chicken, beef or just vegetables, their raviolis did not equal comparison with anything else in town. The best known of the restaurant is the “little juicy steamed meat dumpling,” a morsel of pork stuffing and a vegetable soup. The success of raviolis made by Pasta B Jing Hua is considered the success of the ravioli in general. Better known as “dumpling”, the dish has become a real “trendy” meal. In fact the restaurant, especially during the lunch break of the offices, is often attended by employees but also by tourists, that want to discover the Singaporean cuisine.

    ristorante singaporiano a Milano


    Prices, furthermore, are very reasonable considering the high quality and worth a visit.

    Restaurant website:

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