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Where to shop in via Torino in Milan

News > Fashion | Where to shop in via Torino in Milan

Milan has its shopping mall. This is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, just from behind the cathedral. It’s pedestrian street, however, is very crowded during the weekend and then many shopping prefer Via Torino. One of the main streets of the center, via Torino is therefore the main alternative to the Gallery and, with Corso Buenos Aires, very crowded on the weekend. Via Torino leaves from piazza Duomo and leads directly into the square of the Colonne di San Lorenzo (Columns of San Lorenzo), where, from aperitif, become one of the places of Milan’s nightlife.

via torino 2


Once in via Torino there was so many boutiques, each with its characteristics; you could go to stores to buy the coat you wanted so badly or footwear you are looking for a long time also meant to establish a friendly relationship with merchants. In the 70’s and 80’s from Via Torino to Via Cesare Correnti, the road was full of small shops; antique shops, art studios, laboratories and especially vintage clothing stores on Saturday afternoon they were very crowded. For years, however, the small shops are almost all disappeared, giving way to the brands of large international franchising. This kind of “globalization” shopping has transformed via Torino, which is now in line with the great malls of European cities. There are also many bars and cafés in case one wants to take a coffee break between a shop and another.

Everything for clothing, but if you’re looking for shoes…

The big franchising shops are running throughout via Torino. Zara is at the very beginning, in front of Piazza Duomo and continuing to the button you meet Mango, H&M and Muji for clothing, Intimissimi, Triumph Internation and Caledonia for underwear, Muji, Accessorize and Victoria’s Secret for women’s accessories. This is just to name a few. The newest member is Terranova, which is set in a big renovated building just besides Trony. In practice, your purchase dedication on via Torino could continue all afternoon, until about dinner time.

via torino terranova


If you are looking for shoes, in Via Torino you’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s a kind of paradise especially for lovers of sneakers; by AW Lab and Side? you can find the latest models of any brand of sneakers and every Saturday, since early afternoon, they are always besieged by the very young, who are in competition to grab the last few remained. If you want to aim on the classic, it’s the Nike Store where, in addition to the shoes, you can also find the merchandising of the famous American brand. An institution for streetwear and more is Treesse Sports, who for more than twenty years there is a store in Via Torino. Shoes, clothing, skate boards, technical accessories, but also backpacks and sports clothing for football and basketball. Definitely this shop is to keep in mind during the sale period because often the shop offers interesting seasonal discounts. We mention one of the few true boutiques that can be found, Lucan’s offering women’s shoes “Made in Italy” by very nice design and high quality.

via torino


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